New Album Release Concert 

22nd of April  2023

Maschinenhaus Berlin

NEW Release  “L`Amour fatal“ 

(Kick The Flame, 2023)

The winter of global pandemic was too long and cold and MR ŽARKO was waiting for the true summer of love to come. Finally in 2023 “L`Amour fatal ” the brand new album of MR ŽARKO is rising like a musical phoenix from the ashes of a burned love!

„L’amour fatal“ is a French phrase that translates to „fatal love“ in English. True love must die , but just to raise from the ashes and be born again as a new form of life. The mantra of this album is: “find what you love and let it kill you”. Lyrically, the songs represent deep intimate confessions and tell not only stories of love but also of separation, betrayal, pain, irony, anger and loneliness. 

The twelve new compositions of “L´Amour Fatal “ are a symphony of passion and desire transformed into sound as a healing medium. With each track painting a vivid picture of the many facets of love enabling a form of purification through pain. The new songs further blur the boundaries of genres and music styles. The big surprise on this album is the combination of marimba, harmonica and twangy baritone guitar with  typical Balkan brass like tenor horns, flugelhorns, tuba and trumpets. For the first time low marimba tones stand in the center of the soundscape, surrounded by raging Balkan brass riffs. The harmonica is dancing with tenor horns and trumpets. Tango collides with eastern European melodies. Gypsy grooves fuse with  psychedelic surf-rock guitars.


“Balkan Herbal Clinic“ 

(Kick The Flame, 2017)

A journey to rediscover the roots of Balkan brass, took place a few years later, in the form of a sound healing. “Balkan Herbal Clinic“ was released by Kick The Flame in 2017.  The musicians ventured out to the town of Vladičin Han in southern Serbia to investigate the roots of roma brass music. Together with the producer Philipp Bernhardt, Jovašević worked with the local Bojan Krstić Orkestar rehearsing and recording the new album. Bojan won several awards in the famous  Guča brass competition, among them main prices like the “Golden Trumpet” 2015, “Best Orchestra” 2017 and 2022. 

The collaboration of the two bands culminated in the explosive show of 15 maestro musicians playing the compositions of Žarko Jovašević: ” MR ŽARKO featuring Bojan Krstic Orkestar”, eager to return back to the stage any time.

„Electric Gypsy Disco Noise – The Remixes“

 (Pyromusic- Records, 2014)

In the following year the band invited well known DJs to produce remixes of the songs from the debut album. Versions of DJ Click, DJ Ipek, DJ Kosta Kostov and many others can be heard . „Electric Gypsy Disco Noise – The Remixes“, got international recognition from DJs and radio shows dedicated to global beats.

“Electric Gypsy Disco Noise” 

 (Pyromusic- Records, 2013)

Back in the year of 2013, raised  and baptized in the depths of the dance floors, MR ŽARKO ´s debut album “Electric Gypsy Disco Noise” was released on Pyromusic- Records. The Album has surprised Balkan music lovers, as well as many fans outside that scene with energetic songs, pumping Balkan rhythms and poetic lyrics.